Lake Tana Ethiopia

A group of villagers smuggle illegally cut wood from forests near Zege village in Ethiopia to Bahar Dar on oversize papyrus reed canoes.
Small and medium sized fish are sorted according to type in a boat working on Lake Tana, Ethiopia.
Ethiopian villagers bathe and fill water jugs in a murky canal that flows into Lake Tana.
A Zege villager poses for a portrait wearing a knitted cap featuring the same colors found on the Ethiopian national flag.
A young boy fishes at dawn on a leaky papyrus reed kayak on Lake Tana, Ethiopia.
A mother and young child relax together in Zege village on the Southwest shore of Lake Tana in Ethiopia.
Villagers near Zege, Ethiopia enjoy a type of homemade tella beer at a small bar. Tella It is brewed from various grains such as teff, corn, barley, millet, or sorghum.
A fisherman throws part of his catch to a group of hungry pelicans for entertainment near Bahar Dar, Ethiopia.
A mother with a young child strapped to her back fills a water jug with precious clean water from a government-supplied tap near Zege village in Ethiopia.
A young girl and her grandmother clean a giant catfish caught along the shore of Lake Tana, Ethiopia.
Distilled araki is made in a small hut along the shore in a remote area of Lake Tana, Ethiopia. Araki is a very strong alcoholic drink made from ground gesho leaves, water, teff, barley, and wheat.
A father and his son rest against a tree in the afternoon heat near the western shore of Lake Tana. Most Ethiopians carry walking sticks, particularly those who live in rural areas of the country.
A farmer keeps watch over his cattle at sunset in a rural area near Zege village, Ethiopia.
A fisherman paddles his leaky papyrus reed kayak at sunset on Lake Tana, Ethiopia.
A young boy rests his head on his father while he mends broken fishing nets as a neighbor watches the progress in Zege, Ethiopia.
A young girl with a unique haircut poses for a portrait near Bahar Dar, Ethiopia.
Various types of recently harvested grain are winnowed by hand in a rural area near Zege, Ethiopia.
A fisherman heads home paddling his papyrus kayak in the evening along the shore of Lake Tana, Ethiopia.
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