Village Life In Sumba Indonesia

A group of traditional thatch-roofed homes are built on a hillside in Desa Lamboya village in West Sumba, Indonesia. The ridge location provides ideal air ventilation in the humid tropical heat.
A group of Praigoli villagers from Sumba, Indonesia play cards while snacking on puffed rice. When one of the players loses a round, he must wear a bottle from his ear as a penalty.
An elderly woman from Ratenggaro village poses for a portrait in Sumba, Indonesia.
An ancient finely carved monolithic tomb stands as a sentinel over a beach near Ratenggaro in Sumba, Indonesia.
Due to nearby construction in Sumba, Indonesia, the top lid of a stone tomb in Pasunga is removed and it's contents are exhumed. Though somewhat lighter, considerable effort is still required to drag the tomb to higher ground.
Water buffalo skulls in Waigali village saved from previous animal sacrifice ceremonies serve as decoration on a house in Sumba, Indonesia.
Three boys wash their small horses and demonstrate unique riding skills on a beach near Ratenggaro in Sumba, Indonesia.
A middle-aged man from Kodi village in Sumba wears a traditional Indonesian turban.
A group of Indonesian boys practice soccer skills at sunset on a beach near Pero, Sumba.
A group of Sumbanese villagers huddle over a fire in the central room of a house in Tosi, Indonesia Though most houses in this area are highly flammable, a packed earth fire-pit functions as a relatively safe cooking area.
A young Sumbanese boy in Waigali, Indonesia tramples rice stalks to separate the grains. The animist spirit stone beside him honors a local protective spiritual force known as Marapu.
The head of Waigali village relaxes on the porch of his house in Sumba, Indonesia.
A Sumbanese farmer lets his cattle graze on grass at a beach near Pero, Indonesia.
A dugout canoe is repaired on a beach near Pantai Marosi in Sumba, Indonesia.
Highly detailed Indonesian ikat weavings such as these from Waingapu in Eastern Sumba, are used for very special occasions such as weddings or funeral ceremonies.
A young girl poses for a portrait in Bondo Kodi in Sumba, Indonesia.
Two young Indonesian boys play as their grandmother concentrates on her back-strap weaving in Waigali. Many women in western Sumba go topless while working around their home due to the intense tropical heat.
Rice is harvested near Lewa in Central Sumba, Indonesia.
A Grandmother and her sleepy grandson pose for a portrait in Ratenggaro village, Sumba, Indonesia.
Sumbanese village girls play near their homes in Tosi, Indonesia.
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